BesTech Ltd. Company was founded in 2009.

The company is engaged in importing, marketing, sales, installation and service of advanced medical equipment for the medical institutions in Israel.

BesTech represents local and international leading companies in the fields of imaging, surgery and operating rooms (mobile X-ray C-Arm and Mini C- Arm, specialized Operating Tables, Dedicated Digital Radiography and systems for CT Dose Saving while improving image quality).

These companies are strategic partners for building innovative, high-quality, advanced and unique services to our customers.

BesTech core advantage and success lies in its manager's long-standing acquaintance with the Israeli market and medical technologies and long-standing relationships with professionals and decision makers in the medical institutions.
All these, while building the infrastructure to service, sales, support and integration for the benefit of all our customers.


BesTech is committed to professionalism and excellence in all our activities and services.
We are accredited ISO 9001: 2008 by the Standards Institution of Israel and represents companies and products, which are approved by global and domestic regulatory and quality institutions.

Benny Hascal – Chairman & Co Managing Director

Benny Hascal's career was built for the most part at Siemens and Philips, the global Medical Imaging leading companies. Mr. Hascal has over 30 years of experience in the field of medical devices and imaging.

Mr. Hascal worked in those companies for 14 years (between the years 1987-2001) beginning with a variety of positions as service engineer, Clinical Support, Marketing, Sales, followed by VP Sales prior to becoming a Siemens medical division leader.
After the reorganization in Siemens Israel including the Medical division, Mr. Hascal had left Siemens, in 2001. Together with a partner, established a private company dealt also in medical technology devices including imaging.

In 2005 Mr. Hascal was appointed as the CEO of Digital Medical Systems Ltd. (DMS) to build and expand the Company which represents leading international vendors in the medical field, including mainly CareStream (formerly Kodak Medical Division).
At that time, CareStream became the PACS & RIS leader in Israel.

In 2009, Mr. Hascal founded BesTech Ltd. and is the owner, Chairman of the Board and Co-Managing Director of the company.

Over the years Benny has provided consulting services for Strategic Planning and Business Development in the field of Medical Technology, to Israeli companies and institutions in the health care arena.

Benny Hascal holds a B.Sc. degree in Elc' & Comp' from the Tel-Aviv University.


Hava Hascal – Co-Managing Director

Mrs. Hascal has over 20 years of experience in various managerial, marketing, sales,
and business development positions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical
equipment and medical devices for the Israeli market.

In her previous professional role, Mrs. Hascal served as VP of Lapidot Medical -
company specializes in marketing and distribution of branded pharmaceuticals and
medical products, representing international manufacturers including B.Braun,
Nihon Kohden, MizuhOsi and more.

In addition to various general managerial responsibilities in the company, Mrs.
Hascal was responsible for leading teams in the segments of women's health,
hematology, oncology, pain management and anesthesia, neurology, dialysis,
Surgery, Monitoring and more. 

In the previous 17 years Mrs. Hascal was employed by Teva Pharmaceutical
Industries Ltd. Starting as Medical Representative and was promoted to various
managerial roles( Teams Manager Products and Segments Manager), within the
pharmaceutical area (Working with partners like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Serono).
In her last role she served as a director of a large business unit and was part of the
management team of Teva Medical Ltd. (a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical
Industries Ltd.). Managing the activity of sales and promotion of IV Pharmaceuticals and
disposables (delivery and access sets) as well as medical equipment.
Representing companies like Baxter and Teva self-manufactured devices for hospital care.

Hava earned a B.Sc. degree in Life Sciences and Biology from Bar-Ilan University and
various courses in management, leadership, business management, marketing and